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Hendrick European

Road Freight

Hendrick European

Road Freight

Road Freight

Fast Flexible Efficient

Hendrick European is an industry leader in the provision of fast, reliable, cost effective, worldwide and European road transport and logistics services.

We offer transit times and competitive rate structures to suit individual needs.

Maximise Efficiencies,  Minimise Costs

With an extensive range of truck/trailer types and sizes to choose from, we can supply ‘perfect match’ transport for your goods, thereby maximising efficiencies and minimising costs.


Full or Part Load; which option is best for you?

Full load is the perfect choice when you have a large quantity of goods and need a fast, reliable and efficient delivery service.

For smaller volumes, our part load service offers the best value.  It is a good option if you are a small or medium sized company.  You can make significant savings, when you share your transport costs with other businesses!


Temperature Control

Our Temperature-controlled freight solutions are specifically designed to maintain a required temperature to protect your goods so your climate-sensitive items stay fresh during transport.

At Hendrick European our logistics planning specialists ensure that the most effective and efficient routes are selected thereby minimizing any fluctuations in temperature ensuring that any perishable items are delivered in pristine condition.

Our remote temperature control solutions introduce greater visibility, remote monitoring, and proactive control into your day-to-day operations with GPS monitored 24/7 connectivity.

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Full and Part Load Road Transport

We transport an extensive range of Full and Less than Full Load transport orders at highly competitive rates.

  • 24/7 delivery
  • Flexible and fixed/regular distribution schedules
  • Fast, safe and secure deliveries
  • Access to our extensive low Co2 emissions fleet
  • Full door to door service via our extensive global partner network
  • Satellite navigation and tracking systems

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