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Ocean Freight

Hendrick European

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

Global! Reliable! Secure!

Hendrick European has both the experience and the expertise to handle all types of sea freight and to deliver solutions that best suit your specific shipping needs.

We offer fixed sailing schedules at highly competitive rates.

Working with our global partner network, we provide a full door to door service.


Full Container Load

When you need to ship large volumes at competitive rates, our Full Container Load (FCL) service provides the perfect solution for you.

FCL also offers a viable option when you are shipping fragile or hazardous goods, where safety and security are a priority. For smaller volumes of goods, our Less than Container Load may provide a more suitable, less costly option for you.  Sharing a container with multiple other shippers will help reduce both your costs and your carbon footprint.


New to Ocean Freight?

Our experts will deliver ‘best fit’ solutions to suit your specific needs and advise you regarding regulations/standards for goods’ weight, volume, packaging, etc.

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Hendrick Europeans’ expert staff will take care of all your specialist documentation requirements including certificates of origin, notaries etc. and are available to advise and liaise on your behalf with third parties to ensure a smooth and hassle-free shipping experience.

Our Sea Freight service includes:

  • Full range of global ocean freight services
  • Flexible schedules
  • Strong IT support including online track and trace
  • Cost effective and eco-friendly solutions
  • Wide range of container types, including temperature controlled, and dry and temperature controlled.
  • Container collection, transportation and unloading services
  • Customs Clearance

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