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Temperature Control

Temperature Controlled Logistics

Temperature controlled logistics involves the storage, preservation and transportation of cargo that is sensitive to atmospheric conditions and requirements to maintain a certain temperature.  Our temperature controlled logistic solutions ensure;

  • The acceptable temperature and humidity range
  • The margin of error for temperature ranges
  • Acceptable and potential levels of risk
  • Specific no-go actions that may compromise the integrity of the product

Our thermostatically controlled cargo compartments, enable any critical temperature range to be maintained as “Close enough” isn’t what our customers are looking for with their temperature-sensitive cargo. No magic, no averaging, just precise temperature control that helps ensure your loads arrive exactly as they should.


At Hendrick European, we ensure Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines are adhered to, to ensure that the high level of product quality, determined by good manufacturing practices, is maintained throughout our distribution chain.

It is mandatory for distributors to comply with the European Union guidelines on good distribution practice of medicinal products for human use. At Hendrick European we ensure that the adherence of EU Directive 2001/83/EC is first and foremost with regards to the distribution of temperature sensitive products being transported by us.

All our thermostatically controlled cargo compartments come connected from the factory with TracKing® telematics, making it easier for Hendrick European to monitor and analyse our refrigerated fleet operations.  This ensures;



  • Trailer status
  • Load condition
  • Asset location


  • Temperature compliance
  • Asset security
  • Cargo traceability


  • Vehicle uptime
  • Fuel usage



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