Hendrick European

Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Hendrick European provides an extensive fleet that is replaced regularly to ensure that it is modern, fuel efficient and reliable.  Our Fleet is equipped with satellite tracking and manned by GDP, ADR and airfreight trained drivers.

Hendrick European is 100% compliant with EU standards.


Our Fleet Includes:

  • Euroliners – Double-decked with easy loading from side/through roof
  • Tautliners – Easy loading from side / rear
  • Flat Beds – Ideal for carrying steel and building materials
  • Refrigerated Trailers – High spec, multi temperature, standard/double decked and split units with live/remote temperature tracking
  • Sliding skeletal trailers that can carry 20ft, 40ft or 45ft containers
  • Coil Carriers –
  • Low Loaders – Perfect for heavy machinery and abnormal loads
  • Vans – Express: with single/two-man crews



Low Co2 Logistics

Here at Hendrick European, we are committed to responsible energy management and to delivering low Co2 logistics.  Through regular review, we are continually making adjustments and improvements to our energy/fuel usage.

Low Emissions Transport

We have significantly reduced our fuel consumption/Co2 emissions in recent years, through:

  • Investment in a fuel-efficient, low emissions transport fleet
  • Tyre management efficiencies
  • ECO driver training
  • Efficient route planning
  • Compliance with EU emissions’ regulations
  • Effective fuel management
  • Airtab fuel savers

Our longer term goal is to transition towards renewable energies and lower/zero-emission vehicles.

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